Working Student Program 2018

Immerse yourself in learning and come study with us at The Horseman’s Word Ranch in Uxbridge, Ontario. Students get a hands-on learning experience that focuses on horsemanship, facility management and horse husbandry with Parelli Professionals.

Ideal candidates will bring a horse of their own and they will board on-site while they are involved in our program. This opportunity is open to all individuals, between the age of 16-30, who are attending a secondary or post-secondary institution. A minimum 6 week commitment is required.


Program Overview

Start in May 2018
Students will work 3 hours of work per day for 7 days a week for a minimum 6 week commitment.
Rate of pay is: $15/hr (minus the deductions)
The typical day of a working student consists of 3 hours of ranch work and the remainder of the day is for horse husbandry and horsemanship development.
The basic student program consists of:

  • 4 one hour group lessons per week
  • Additional private lessons offered at a preferred rate
  • $250 per week for board
  • On-site camping and accommodations available

Here is what our students are saying:

This program is a unique opportunity to gain insight about how a real horse ranch runs. There is a lot of hard work involved but it is all meaningful and purposeful. You get a great sense of accomplishment when you see your hard work and preparation pay off. I learned how much work, dedication and perseverance had to be put into working on the business in order to work in the business. The program helped me a lot about developing my horsemanship and taught me the importance of being the best human I can be for my horse.

Students will get a lot of hands-on learning experience at The Horseman’s Word Ranch. They learn how to do things the correct way, meaning the way that Pat Parelli would do it. Everything from horsemanship, pasture management and horse husbandry are taught with excellence in a safe learning environment. Studying at the ranch is a great opportunity to meet other students and Parelli Professionals. As a student on the ranch, you get to watch other students playing in all four Savvys progressing through the Parelli levels with different horses and horsenalities. You also get to watch first hand; Parelli professionals teaching clinics, group and private lessons to their students. This offers you a great chance to enrich your own learning experience while you are on the ranch.