Todd & Maureen Owens, Licensed Parelli Instructors

We consider it a privilege to be a part of your Parelli journey. The Parelli program and we as Licensed Parelli Professionals offer several paths that will that lead you to better horsemanship, and a better relationship with your horse. Participating with your horse in lessons, workshops, and clinics is the pathway for accelerated learning. Attending an event as a gallery student can provide great insight and be a very meaningful learning experience. We would love to have you travel to The Horseman’s Word Ranch for your lessons, but we are also able to travel to you to support your learning. Contact us for details.

Todd Owens – 3 Star Instructor

Teaching: Online, Liberty, Freestyle & Finesse

Private lessons

1 student, 1 hour ~ $100 Parelli Savvy Club Member, $120 Regular Price

Semi-private lessons

2 students, 1 hour ~ $60 Parelli Savvy Club Member, $70 Regular Price

Group lessons

3-5 students, 2-3 hours ~ $60/hour


6-10 students, 6 hours per day ~ $200/day Parelli Savvy Club Member, $250/day Regular Price
Level and Savvy specific following the curriculum of the Parelli program


6-10 students, 3-6 hours ~ $100-$200 Parelli Savvy Club Member, $125-$250 Regular Price
Specific subject

Horseless Workshops

20 students max, 3 hours ~ $50 Parelli Savvy Club Member, $60 Regular Price
Specific subject

Maureen Owens – 2 Star Instructor

Teaching: Online, Liberty, & Freestyle

Lessons range from 1 to 3 hours in length. Rates quoted are per person for each hour.

Private Lessons

1 Student ~ $60.00 for Parelli Savvy Club Member, $70 Regular Price.

Semi-private lessons

2 students ~$35 for Parelli Savvy Club Member, $45 Regular Price.

Group lessons

3-5 students, 2-3 hours ~ $30 per student per hour for Parelli Savvy Club Members, $40 per hour Regular Price.

We are fully insured,
and a copy of insurance is available upon request.

Lessons with Todd & Maureen for Horses and Humans

Pat Parelli says there are only two reasons our horse doesn’t do what we ask: either we’re asking the wrong question, or we’re asking the wrong way. Lessons with Todd and Maureen help humans and horses understand each other.

Shania Loves The Crowd

Personalized instruction gives you the opportunity to focus on the challenges you face in the moment, under the watchful guidance of a Licensed Parelli Professional.

Each lesson is a time for you and your horse to experience the success that leads to a stronger relationship. The lessons will incorporate theory, simulations, problem-solving and playing with your horse in the Four Savvys: Online, Liberty, Freestyle & Finesse. (If you’re new to Parelli, check out the description of the Four Savvys below.)

We are qualified to instruct you from the very beginning of your Parelli journey through the progressive education levels, as far as and including Level 4. It is a pleasure for us to be with students who are committed to being a bit better for their horse every day.

Parelli Clinics

Parelli Clinics give you and your horse the opportunity for an extended learning experience in a supportive group environment. Many of our clinics feature some of the top Parelli Professionals in the world as guest instructors. Whether you participate as a rider, or watch and learn as a gallery student, you will come away with new knowledge and skills that will improve your horsemanship regardless of your current discipline or riding ability.

Trailer your horse to The Horseman’s Word Ranch in Uxbridge and have your lesson or attend a clinic in an environment designed for learning. Our facility has 30 acres of Parelli playground where you can challenge yourself and your horse with Parelli obstacles, practice your trailer loading, let your horse swim in our large spring water ponds, or ride our wooded trails. Our Parelli honeycomb is the perfect place to practice On-Line and Liberty Savvys. Our heated/AC classroom has a huge library of Parelli educational material.

Having so much fun and learning so much in my lessons with Todd Owens. To understand more about the subtle nuances in the communication my horses are attempting to make with me is fascinating. Of the 100 times I’ve thought “my horse isn’t listening to me”, there is probably 1000, or 10,000 times that my horse has felt the same way about me! It is truly amazing how much more confidence Flirt has when he feels I’ve listened, understood, and responded appropriately to what he’s telling me!!”

– Lori Bell


Web-Based Education & Home-Study DVDs

We realize that time and distance can sometimes make it difficult to schedule lessons or attend clinics. That’s why Parelli offers self-learning articles and video lessons that can be accessed on-line through the Parelli Savvy Club. And we also offer complete courses in each Savvy at all levels on DVD. Contact us for more information on how you can take advantage of these Home-Study aids.

Learning the Four Savvys

Online Savvy
The first Savvy, On Line, has proven to be the most successful Parelli entry point for hundreds of thousands of students across the globe. The skills and knowledge you will gain in the On Line Savvy will set you – and your horse – up for a lifetime of safe, fun, progressive, natural partnership.
Liberty Savvy
The Liberty Savvy is the ultimate truth test for your relationship with your horse. Liberty helps your horse work with his “gymnastic improvement”, or overall athletic capability. Liberty is all about developing a true partnership with your horse on the ground, with no strings (or lead ropes) attached.
Freestyle Savvy
Freestyle Savvy – riding with a loose rein – is an essential component of any well-rounded horsemanship education. As your riding skills improve and your horse gains confidence, you’ll have more fun together than you ever thought possible. And really, isn’t that what it’s all about?
Finesse Savvy
Finesse, or riding with contact, is the fourth Parelli Savvy, and the one that relates most directly to performance. Whether you’re an English or Western rider, developing an understanding of bit contact, precision and vertical flexion is essential to becoming a well-rounded, skilled horseman. Even if performance sports aren’t in your future, the skills and techniques you develop by incorporating the bit will advance your riding in leaps and bounds.
We hope to see you soon at The Horseman’s Word Ranch in Uxbridge.