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Strategies for Problem Horses

Strategies for
Problem Horses

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The Parelli method of horse training always begins with understanding your horse and your horse’s behavior. This is the first step toward solving any horse problem.

Natural horsemanship starts by asking this question: Why is the horse engaging in this undesirable behavior? For example, when it comes to an invasive or aggressive horse, there are basically two reasons he would invade your space: either FEAR or DOMINANCE.It’s natural for a scared horse to crowd you because that’s how they survive in the wild…the safest place is in the middle of the herd! Dominant horses, on the other hand, are pushy. They move others out of their space.

How can you tell which motivation you are dealing with when it comes to your aggressive horse?
Parelli Natural Horsemanship encourages horse owners, riders and trainers to understand their horses, rather than just reacting to their unwanted behavior or using traditional methods of training or punishment. Understanding a horse’s behavior equips you with the best methods of solving problems and does so in a way that is kind, loving, respectful and effective.

Learn how to have:

  • Success without force
  • Partnership without dominance
  • Teamwork without fear
  • Willingness without intimidation
  • Harmony without coercion

My participation in the Parelli program and working with Todd, has given me more confidence to try new things with my horse. The hands on training and detailed instruction have provided me with the tools I need to succeed. My horse is beginning to respond more to my direction, and I now have a better sense of where I am skill wise and where I need to be. I can feel the connection between me and my horse getting stronger!

– Parelli student


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The pathway for solving problems or challenges or with your horse is the Parelli Levels program. Level 1 can solve some dominance issues and help with strategies for ‘cinchyness’ and other learned behaviours. More challenging problems like bolting and rearing will see significant improvement as the student progresses through Level 3 strategies, theories and techniques.

The Parelli program can be studied through the Parelli Savvy Club, but for immediate results and improvement, lessons with a licensed Parelli instructor is your best option. A qualified Parelli instructor has the knowledge and experience to help both you and your horse achieve a successful future together.