Todd & Maureen Owens, Licensed Parelli Instructors

We are honoured to be Licensed Professionals and entrusted by Pat Parelli to teach his program. Regardless of your riding level, the right support can accelerate  your horsemanship results.  The Parelli Savvy Club  offers great education, support and numerous other benefits for its members. Here’s what people are saying…

The online savvy club is nothing short of brilliant!  The Parelli team have created a website where they have put their entire 35 year of videos, into a nice simple pathway to follow.  That lays out the how’s in a nice logical fashion that the learner can go back to and re-watch to solve the many puzzles they will decipher along the voyage.

The Parelli Levels Program and Pathway are so easy to use, I feel motivated and want to keep progressing!

I’m soooo excited about the updates… This is exactly what I needed to keep me on track and moving forward! Thank you so much!

As a Parelli Professional, we do receive recognition and a small commission for each Savvy Club membership tagged to us. To say thanks for joining the Savvy Club through us,  we are personally offering additional benefits that can be tailored to meet your needs. To encourage you to register for the Savvy Club  through us, we give you the opportunity on a yearly basis to receive directly from us a choice of the following:

  • Video Coaching sessions (can be done via phone for those at a distance)
  • Goal setting with focus plan sessions (can be done via phone for those at a distance)
  • Parelli Official Audition: coaching to create your plan
  • Parelli Official Audition: filming & processing.

If you are interested in a Silver or Gold Savvy Club  membership please call or email to discuss the added benefits.

To participate in this Win – Win relationship with us, register your renewed or upgraded Parelli Savvy club membership by following this PURCHASE LINK
or via phone 1-800-642-3335 and using the purchase code 8215.

Once again, thank you for allowing us to be part of your horsemanship journey. It is a pleasure and privilege.