Todd & Maureen Owens, Licensed Parelli Instructors

In 2005 I started at zero with the Parelli program. Brand new to horses, I had not been on a horse for more than a few minutes since I was a kid and, even then, only for a few hours. I was as green with horses as you may be.

Within days of owning horses my wife, Maureen, purchased the whole ‘Enchilada’ of the Parelli Natural Horsemanship education and equipment. I confess I was beside myself at the cost of, or the need for, this material. What I didn’t realize was the incredible investment that had been made, an investment that would change our lives forever. We studied the Home Study program enthusiastically, developed savvy and absorbed the Love, Language and Leadership program.

With technology advancement Parelli now offers the Parelli Savvy Club as an affordable pathway to ‘get started’.

In 2009 Shania and I became official Level 3 graduates of the Parelli Program. We continue to be progressive playing in Level 4, headed towards our Level 4 auditions; trying to be just a bit better horseman for my horse every day. In 2011 we completed Level 4 of the program and are now studying in Level 5 and 6!

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From the spring of 2007 through to the fall of 2009, Maureen and I had hosted 51 clinic days for Don Halladay. Hosting clinics has provided ever-developing exposure to Parelli education, both theory and practice. I have observed and experienced, hands-on, the excellence in teaching and horsemanship that is required and expected of a Parelli Professional. My clinic exposure has been very valuable in my own horsemanship progression and my understanding for what can be expected of a career as a Parelli professional.
I appreciate and respect the eight principles of Natural Horsemanship. They have been, and will continue to be, instrumental as I continue my journey.
I wish to thank Pat and Linda Parelli for their horsemanship program, and my mentor, Don Halladay, who has been an excellent educator, horseman and ambassador of the program.


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